Innovative Upper Extremity Stroke Rehabilitation

For home and clinic use


See how NeuroBall accelerates stroke recovery treatment


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$350 per month
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NeuroBall is designed to improve the rate of stroke recovery through highly repetitive, progressive, customized training activities. If you or a loved one is dealing with hand or arm weakness post stroke, TBI or other neurological injury, let NeuroBall be your rehabilitation partner.


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How does NeuroBall accelerate stroke rehabilitation and recovery?

  • Rewards high repetitions
  • Engages and entertains
  • Increases exercise challenge as patient progresses
  • Tablet-based software includes ongoing virtual clinical support
  • Increases range of motion and extension
  • Designed with the input of 300+ therapists and stroke survivors

Following stroke, or other neurological injury, patients can use NeuroBall at home as a complement to their in-clinic therapy, or after in-clinic sessions have ended. With an entertaining format of game play, patients stay engaged longer, perform more activities and are able to progress their stroke rehabilitation faster. This innovative recovery treatment platform adapts as the patient improves, automatically adjusting to their ability.


¹ No long term contracts. Not covered by insurance

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